Print to XPS File

One of the limitations of the XPS Document Writer included with Windows 7 is it will always popup a dialog box when you print a document. For most users this is OK but if you want to automate the saving of XPS files or print large batches of documents then this will quickly become tiring. If your software is running on a server or from a Windows service then this driver will not work at all.

We developed the Passthrough XPS driver to enable our Print Distributor customers to create XPS files directly and use the normal Print Distributor actions to save to file, email, reprint* and run external programs against them.

The Passthrough XPS driver supports Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7.

The Passthrough XPS driver can be downloaded from Passthrough XPS Driver. Once you have installed it you will see it listed with the other drivers when you create a virtual printer in Print Distributor.

The Passthrough XPS driver is free of charge, you can install it on as many systems as you need whether you are using it with Print Distributor or some other product such as the Redmon port monitor.